How To Record Whatsapp Calls On Android & iPhone?

How to Record Whatsapp Calls on Android or iPhone? This is a normal question for all Whatsapp users. If you love to call your friends or family member or maybe your Girlfriend. :-p Well, I am not going deep into your personal relationship secrets. Many of us love to hear our call, again and again, if it’s interesting (In GF/BF cases) or maybe we want to hear it because it’s an important call from your Boss or someone is going to tell you the truth about something, blah blah.

People are loving Whatsapp because of its Free Calling feature as it allows you to call any of your Contact for free as long as you can. But one of the major problem people face in this feature is that you can’t record Whatsapp calls in your phone. Lots of Whatsapp users search on Google for How to Record Whatsapp Calls on Android?. Let me answer to them there is no feature provided by Whatsapp to record Whatsapp calls but you can do so using Whatsapp Call Recorder app.

Many people want to record Whatsapp calls on Android phone, are you also? If yes then this article is heaven for you. Whatsapp already added a new feature by which we are able to call our friends on Whatsapp for free. Most persons who have an Android phone will use Whatsapp daily for at least 4-5 hours. Youngsters use Whatsapp messenger for chatting with their friends whereas some people use Whatsapp for their Business chatting. Whatsapp helps various types of peoples in various different-different ways.

Well, come to the point we are talking about Whatsapp Call Feature. Hmm! Whatsapp call feature is much popular nowadays many people use Whatsapp call function. Even after Whatsapp launching this feature, Whatsapp got many new users because of this feature only., as this Whatsapp call feature provides free calling service to its users. But many peoples want to record Whatsapp call on their mobile phone, but there is no option in Whatsapp to record call in our device. This is bad news for every Whatsapp users, but you are able to record your Whatsapp calls by using one third-party app on your Android or iPhone.

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Can We Record Calls On WhatsApp?


This is a common question in every Whatsapp user. Everyone wants to know how to record WhatsApp call and many from them are searched on google about Whatsapp call recorder. Many of them got to trick or method to record Whatsapp calls whereas some can’t able to record Whatsapp calls till now. If you are also looking for a method to record Whatsapp calls then don’t worry because now your wait is over. Here I am going to sharing a trick to record calls on Whatsapp.

How To Record Whatsapp Calls On Android

So in this article, I am going to sharing step by step tutorial to record Whatsapp calls on Android or iPhone. Android and iPhone both are beating each other in using Whatsapp on their OS. Whatsapp is mostly used in the iPhone, but from last year Whatsapp is more used in Android devices. There are billions of peoples using  Whatsapp on Android and iPhone and not on PC because Whatsapp can’t launch any Software for PC users, but now this problem is solved. Recently Whatsapp is launched Whatsapp Messenger for Windows and Mac, Yes!! now you are able to use Whatsapp on our Computer without using any Android emulator or anything. Let’s come to the point. Here is the trick to record Whatsapp calls on your iPhone and Android. I am going to sharing 2 methods one for Android users and another for iPhone users.

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How To Record Whatsapp Calls On Android?

Whatsapp can’t provide any option on there Android app to record calls, but you are able to record Whatsapp calls by using one third-party app called Whatsapp Call Recorder. Here is the tutorial about how to record Whatsapp calls on Android using Whatsapp call recorder apk. You should check our Best Instagram Bios also.

1) First of all download Whatsapp Call Recorder app on your Android from below link:

Whatsapp Call Recorder


2) After downloading, install and open it on your device.


  • If you have got any error message regarding permissions not allow to install external apps, you should “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” from Settings >> Security >> Unkown sources.
Allow Installation of App from Unknown Sources

3) You are ready to record Whatsapp calls. Now, open Whatsapp and make calls to anyone.

Whatsapp Call

4) After your call gets connected successfully, open Whatsapp call recorder app and click on Red circle button from it.

record whatsapp calls
Whatsapp Call Recorder

5) It will start recording your call after clicking on the Red button.

6) Now when you want to stop recording, just click on the button below the Red button, that is Round from outside and Square from inside.

7) Your recording is saved in your SD Card in Amazing_AVR named file.

Done, so friends this is the best and easiest method to record WhatsApp calls on Android mobile phones. You can record your any calls by a single click using this app. So this is the tutorial to record calls on Android devices, now I am going to sharing method to record Whatsapp calls on iPhone.

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How To Record Calls On Whatsapp On iPhone?

Record Whatsapp Calls on iPhone

In the above section, I had described How to Record Whatsapp Calls in Android and now I am going to sharing tutorial to record Whatsapp calls on iPhone using Cydia. Cydia is the best application to record Whatsapp calls on iPhone. Let’s follow this guide to record your Whatsapp calls.

1) First of all, you need to Jailbreak the iPhone to record Whatsapp calls on it. So first complete this requirement then proceed to the next steps.

2) Install Cydia on your iPhone.

Cydia on iPhone

3) Open Cydia and search to download Watusi in BigBoss repo, As you already know it is the best repo for iPhone.

4) Watusi s is the premium application so if you want to purchase it, its best option otherwise you have to search for free on Google.

5) After successfully installing the Watusi app in your iPhone, just open Whatsapp messenger and go to settings.

6) You will see a new option of Watusi Preferences there.

7) Click on Record Calls option and enable it.

8) Now make calls to anyone and it will record automatically.

9) You can get your recorded calls from Recent Panels button.

That’s it. This is How to Record Whatsapp Calls on iOS devices. But one bad thing in this method is that you must need to Jailbreak your device for it. That’s why most of the people refuse to do such tweaks on their iPhone. Well, if you are adventurous, you will love your phone after Jailbreaking it as it has lots of Tweaks to do after this process.

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Are you still facing the problems? OK, Don’t worry have a look at this video, I have found on YouTube which shows live tutorial to record Whatsapp calls on Android smartphone or an iPhone. You may also like GB WhatsApp if you like to use a modded version of What’s App.

Video Tutorial: How to Record Calls on WhatsApp?

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Final Words

So, folks, this is the method to record Whatsapp calls on Android or iPhone. You can simply record your Whatsapp calls on your Android or on iPhone by following above given tutorial. I hope you don’t need to search on google again about how to record calls on WhatsApp after reading my tutorial. If you are getting confused in the tutorial, you can check out the Video I have attached in last of the article which will show you How to Record Whatsapp Voice Calls and Video Calls too. Still, do you have any issue or query? Well, no problem feel free to ask your doubt in the comment section.

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