Facebook Dating App: Everything We Know So Far

200 million users of the Internet noted in their profiles that they are alone, and this seemed to Mark Zuckerberg to be a great opportunity to develop his brainchild. And the new service will be focused on those who want to build a long-term romantic relationship, in particular, to find a girlfriend or boyfriend. Zuckerberg notes that every third American wedding is now happening thanks to the Internet. Dating in real life has become something unreal and unusual. Dating apps are a modern way to search for love. Firstly, it is convenient: thanks to them, you can meet anywhere. It is enough to have a smartphone with you. Secondly, it is fast – you can “delete” unnecessary people in just a few clicks. According to statistics, every second uses the application looking for a soulmate nowadays. And that is why Facebook is going to launch an app for lonely hearts. The social network knows about its users much more than any other service, but the new service promises to use only a small part of this data: profile pictures, a set of interests, and a place of residence. Only in May, the founder spoke about plans to release his own dating service, and now the company began testing it in Colombia. But for today, only its employees, not ordinary users of the application can register and find their soulmates.

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Facebook Dating App: Everything We Know So Far


Facebook Dating App

How will it work?

It will be built into the mobile app for different operating systems. Users are offered to create their own profiles, add photos, tell about themselves, and also indicate the criteria for finding a partner: age, height, gender, religion. It will look for applicants within a radius of 100 km. For communication, there is a separate chat room where you can exchange text messages. The service excludes the possibility of meeting people who are already on your list of friends. It will not be linked to different messengers (for example, WhatsApp which also belongs to this social network). Designers promise that the service will work only for those who want it – without the agreement of users, their profiles will not be shown to those who want to date.

Also, you can find the one in groups or through the pages of events right now. To do this, you need to allow the Internet resource to show your profile to the participants of these groups – of course, if they also use the service. Zuckerberg noted that the service is developed primarily for those who are not in a relationship. Nevertheless, the service mechanism doesn’t limit its work for people who have indicated in their accounts that they have a permanent partner or spouse.

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Users must be adults. And those who don’t have a couple on the social network can register in the service. Initially, developers said that the service was designed to create a serious and long-term relationship. Also, you can’t write more than 100 people per day.

When to expect?

If testing in Colombia is successful, then you can wait for the app in other countries. However, is still unknown when exactly. And users of social networks already offer their options that should appear in it. For example, they joke that it will be able to predict in advance the duration of future relationships by analyzing the long-term history of candidate profiles.

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Unlike its main competitors, this application is completely free (although, most likely, it is temporary). Despite the fact that the research group of the Michigan Institute found out that the chances of starting serious relationships online are much lower than, for example, when meeting in a cafe or at work, the new Zuckerberg service caused a stir in the market.

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