Microsoft 70-346 Exam Overview: Tips & Tricks To Help One Pass This Test

Microsoft certifications are globally recognized. When you earn any of them, it shows how proficient you are in a particular technical area. In this post, we’ll take you through the Microsoft 70-346: Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements exam and the relevant MCSA certificate. We’ll cover the exam details, its objectives, tips and study resources that you can use to prepare and pass your 70-346 test.

What is the Microsoft 70-346 exam about?


The Microsoft 70-346 exam is one of the tests required to attain the MCSA: Office 365 certification. The second exam is Microsoft 70-347. The 70-346 test measures your abilities in planning and administering Office 365 services. They include all the supporting technologies of Office 365. It is targeted at those who already have experience in administration of Office 365, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, MS Azure and Skype for Business.

Microsoft 70-346 Exam
Microsoft 70-346 Exam Overview

This Microsoft exam checks one’s understanding and technical abilities in the following areas:

  • Office 365 provisioning
  • How to implement and plan networking and security for Office 365
  • Management of Cloud identities
  • How to plan, implement, as well as manage identities by the use of Azure AD connect
  • Managing federated identities that are specifically targeted at SSO (Single Sign-On)
  • Monitoring, securing and troubleshooting of Office 365 and its services

The Microsoft 70-346 may contain multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank, drag and drop, hot area and case studies. Their number varies from 40 to 60. The time duration is about 90-120 minutes.

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Why should you become MCSA: Office 365 certified?

So, many benefits come with passing the exam and attaining the certification. Some of the reasons to attain the MCSA: Office 365 credential include:

  • You’ll receive the certification from a leading exam vendor.
  • It demonstrates your skills and competency in Office 365.
  • It shows how dependable you are. You’ll demonstrate that you can carry out the technical tasks that the Microsoft Office 70-346 VCE Dumps exam tests you on.
  • You’ll learn that any goal that you set for yourself is achievable as long as you work hard and do all it takes to pass it.
  • It opens up great job opportunities for you.
  • You are qualified for promotions and higher salaries.

What preparation tips can you use?

There are somehints to help you prepare and pass your Microsoft 70-346 exam, such as:

  1. Schedule your exam early

Registering and scheduling the exam early enough gives you an opportunity to plan your study within the available time. Prioritize your studies but also remember to balance between your studies and your other important and urgent commitments.

  1. Know your exam well

Make sure you understand what the Microsoft 70-346 exam entails. Go online research all that the test is about. Know the objectives and the goal of the exam. Don’t make a mistake of beginning to study before you understand them well.

  1. Prepare a study plan

Studying without a plan will not be useful to you. There’s a possibility that you may get distracted by other things that are not of priority to you. Include all your commitments in your plan so that you won’t have to neglect other important aspects of your life. Have a plan and stick to it.

  1. Make use of the Microsoft official website

For the objectives and other prep materials, make sure you get up-to-date information on the exam from the official website.

  1. Enroll for a training course

Courses guide you in understanding the exam topics better. Course instructors have years of experience teaching the candidates. They’ll also guide you on what to expect in the exam and give you some tips on how to pass it.

  1. Use study guides

You can find books on the exam subject on the Internet. They will guide you on the objectives systematically. Some of them also contain practice tests and tips.

  1. Practice with tests

There are a number of sites with practice tests or Braindumps. These are past exam questions and answers uploaded by the previous test takers and experts. Use them to measure your readiness for the exam. It will point out for you the areas that you still need to work on.

  1. Have enough night sleep and be on time for the exam

Sleep early the night before the test. The students who have enough night rest are known to score better in exams. Besides, ensure that you reach the exam-testing center not less than 30 minutes before the official starting time. This will give you an opportunity to relax before you begin the exam.

  1. Read questions carefully and answer all of them

Read and understand the questions. Give enough time to each question while being conscious of the amount of time that you have. If you meet a tough question, you can skip it and come back to it later. Remember to attempt all the questions.

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What training courses and online platforms can you choose for Microsoft 70-346 exam?

The training courses are as follows:

  • 20347A instructor-led course: Enabling and Managing Office 365
  • Microsoft Virtual Academy Microsoft Office 365 self-paced course
  • EdX Enabling Office 365 Clients сourse
  • EdX Managing Microsoft Exchange Online in Office 365
  • PrepAway Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements (70-346) training
  • ExamCollection Enabling and Managing Office 365 (M20347) course

There are some top web resources for the Microsoft 70-346 exam prep:

  • Microsoft Learning official website
  • Pearson VUE for Microsoft exam registration
  • Microsoft Press for Exam Ref: 70-346 Study Guide
  • Microsoft Community
  • ExamSnapMicrosoft 70-346 practice tests

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Final Words

It requires no rocket science to pass your Microsoft 70-346 exam. Once you know what the test is about, then take deliberate actions to prepare for it, then you are going to pass. Beyond passing your exam, you’ll be on your way to attaining your MCSA: Office 365 certification, which will bring numerous personal and career benefits. The job positions associated with this credential include an IT director, a systems administrator, a network administrator, and a systems engineer. As per Payscale, these professionals earn an average of up to $73,000 per annum. This is such a great starting point for you!

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