Psychedelic Trippy Backgrounds For Desktop Android & iPhone

Are you looking for Psychedelic Wallpapers & Trippy Backgrounds for your Desktop, Android, or iPhone? If Yes, then here is heaven for you. After searching a lot on Google, We have collected some of the best Psychedelic wallpaper and shared all of them in one place. You can use them on Widescreens and on Mobile screens. Let’s make your screen more attractive and colorful with these special HD Trippy Wallpapers for iPhone and Android mobiles.

Psychedelic Backgrounds Wallpapers are much popular nowadays. As I have noticed, many people are looking for Trippy Backgrounds & Psychedelic Wallpapers for Android, iPhone, and other devices. After searching on Google, I found there are lots of Psychedelic wallpaper for walls are available, but we only want to select the best one. So, for customization lovers, we are sharing some of the best psychedelic wallpapers HD which were also known as trippy backgrounds HD, to use as a wallpaper on your Desktop, Mac, or Mobile screen.

Many of you, still don’t know about psychedelic backgrounds & trippy backgrounds. So let you know first, Trippy backgrounds and Psychedelic backgrounds are much popular nowadays. We know this, as we found there are lots of searched on Google on it. You can also check out the best Android custom ROMs if you are a customization lover.

These photos have a different look as compared to other HD Wallpapers. You can use the trippy backgrounds in HD for your Desktop, Mac, or mobile. In this article, you will find the best collection of trippy backgrounds for iPhone and also of psychedelic backgrounds for android. So, if you also looking for Psychedelic wallpapers for your gadgets screen, then here you will find the best Trippy backgrounds HD for it. You may also like Romantic Love Couple DPs for Whatsapp.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, if you don’t know about psychedelic and trippy wallpapers, let me know.

What are Psychedelic or Trippy Backgrounds?


Psychedelic is an art, and Trippy backgrounds or Psychedelic backgrounds are basically optical illusions and indiscriminate patterns which were much popular to use on Desktop or Mac screen. They totally looked different as compared to normal wallpapers. If you want to go deeper about them, I prefer to open this page.

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Why Trippy and Psychedelic Wallpapers are Much Popular?

Here are some of the reasons which make trippy backgrounds and psychedelic backgrounds popular among peoples nowadays:

  • They have highly contrasted colors and brightness which makes them different.
  • They look like the Background is not still or you can say they appear as they are moving.
  • These are highly customized wallpapers that were similar to the 3D screens.
  • They look awesome on Big screens like Desktop or Mac.

There are more lots of features of trippy and psychedelic backgrounds that appeared in front of your eyes, which you make as wallpaper.

So, let’s watch some of the most popular trippy wallpapers on Tumblr for Desktop and Mac screen in full HD. Before proceeding, you may learn how to save these backgrounds on your device.

If you are a Computer or Mac user, you can simply save them by clicking right click >> save image as option.

Or if you are an Android or iPhone user, you just have to Long press on the desired background and click on the Save image option. That’s it.

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In the above section, we discussed all trippy moving backgrounds & psychedelic backgrounds. It’s time to check out the best collection. Here, you will find 100+ psychedelic and trippy backgrounds to use as a wallpaper on desktop or mac.

You don’t need to look here and thereafter visiting this post until below. Let’s watch your desired thing without wasting more time. :-p

Best Psychedelic and Trippy Backgrounds Wallpapers

So, finally, the wait is over. Below are the best psychedelic & trippy wallpapers for android, iPhone & desktop screens, which are selected by us, just for you. Must try out each and every psychedelic background, which we are sharing below, as all of them are unique.

Psychedelic HD Wallpapers


Trippy Backgrounds


Trippy Widescreen Wallpapers

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Psychedelic Wallpapers

Trippy Background HD


Psychedelic Widescreen Backgrounds


Trippy Widescreen Backgrounds


Trippy Wallpapers




trippy nackgrounds
Trippy Backgrounds


Trippy Wallpaper Tumblr


Psychedelic Wallpaper for Walls


Trippy Backgrounds Wallpapers Download


Psychedelic Wallpapers HD

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Trippy Backgrounds

Tumble Trippy Art, Themes, Drawings, Pictures


psychedelic wallpapers

trippy backgrounds

trippy background

trippy wallpapers

psychedelic trippy backgrounds

amazing trippy backgrounds wallpapers

Psychedelic Wallpapers



Cool Trippy Wallpaper


Best Psychedelic Wallpaper

Psychedelic Wallpapers iPhone

Psychedelic Wallpaper iPhone


Trippy Wallpaper iPhone


Psychedelic Wallpaper iPhone


Trippy Backgrounds iPhone 6


Trippy iPhone Wallpaper HD


Colorful Psychedelic Wallpaper iPhone

Psychedelic Wallpapers For Android

Psychedelic Wallpapers for Android


Trippy HD Wallpapers for Android


Trippy Wallpaper Android

How to Download?

It’s easy if you are a PC or Laptop user, just right click on your desired Wallpaper and choose the “Save images as..” option and done.

If you are a Mobile user, you have to Long press on the selected Trippy Background for Android or iPhone and click on the Download image button.

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These are the best psychedelic backgrounds HD and trippy backgrounds wallpapers for Desktop, Mac, Android, iPhone, and other Mobile phones screen. You will not found any Image Quality issue in this collection as all the photos are in HD format.

You can make these backgrounds as a wallpaper on your screen and discover a new look. We will update more latest Trippy HD Backgrounds. You can download Psychedelic Wallpapers for Android and Trippy Wallpaper iPhone both in one place. I hope, you liked these Trippy wallpapers HD.

Let us know, How was the collection? We want your suggestion for our upcoming updates, comment on what types of Psychedelic Wallpapers for Android and Desktop you want. Internet is fulfilled with thousands of Trippy Backgrounds to use as Wallpaper, but I have selected a special collection from them all and shared it with you. I had also covered some beautiful Psychedelic Wallpaper iPhone which is liked by lots of our readers.

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