Top 10 Best Android Custom ROMs For Customization Lovers

Best Custom ROMs For Android


We are presenting Top 10 Best Android Custom ROMs. All of these were the most popular Android ROMs of 2016 which are going to become famous even in 2017. If you ever installed any Best Custom ROM for Android, them I am sure you loved it, but if you are bored with it, this is the time to give new look to your device. Check out our Best Custom ROMs for Android in below section.

If you have fond of Android, them I am sure you loves to find Best Android Custom ROMs 2017 for your device. Odd course most of us find and tries different types of best Custom ROMs for Android. So, here I am going to sharing something special for you. Here you will get top 10 Android Custom ROMs. If your Phone is rooted, must check What to do After Rooting Android.

If you are an Android developer, then I am sure you loves to try different types of best Custom ROMs for Android devices. Not even developers, nowadays its much popular in normal Android users also, They also started flashing different stylish custom ROMs on their phone. Do, you also wants to flash custom ROM on your device? Well, its not a hard process, anyone can do it easily just by following some simple steps.

But, main problem which every Customization lover face is finding Best Android Custom ROMs for their mobile. Don’t worry, after reading this article, you don’t need to go here and there for this purpose.

Android is going much popular from its beginning. Even iOS is not much famous in comparison of Android. Why Android is more preferable rather than any other operating system? According to me, I love it because of Customization features. You can root your device and enjoy lot’s of Tweaks on your Android.

Most lovable things are Best Android ROMs for Customization lovers. You can get root access of any Android device by rooting. Read my old article, to root Android without PC. We can install Custom ROMs of other devices like if you love MIUI, Sony, Samsung, HTC and other phone’s Customization, then you are able to get that look on your own phone also. If you are Music lover also, then you must install Dolby Atmos on your Android.

Best Android Custom ROMs

All you need to do is, download best custom ROMs for Android. Question appeared in your mind, FROM WHERE? Wait, BTW I am writing this article for your answer :-p . Yeah! Here I will share some of the most popular custom ROM for Android devices. Check out awesome way to install one app multiple times on Android.

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Some Customization lovers, change their Android ROM every week. They loves to try different awesome types of Custom ROMs on their phone. Not only lovers, even we also feel bored after using same Look of our Android after few months. So now How to change your device look or you can say ROM? It’s simple you can check out step by step guide in Google, then next step is for looking best Android custom ROMs. Don’t worry, you don’t need to search for it. Because, here you will get all the best ROM for Android.

Advantages for Android Custom ROMs:

  • Upgrade your Android version from older to newer.
  • Boost your Phone performance.
  • Awesome Customization features.
  • Many more.. which you will found after using it.


  • Rooted Android Device – Read: How to Root Android without PC
  • Custom ROM Zip, download desired one from our collection listed below.
  • Little awareness, else it will damage your mobile too!

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Top 10 Best Android Custom ROMs 2017

There are thousands of ROMs available for Android devices, but all we need are best Android ROMs 2017. So here is the best ROMs collection for Android.

#1. Cyanogen Mod – Most Popular Android Custom ROM 2017

cyanogenmod rom for android
Cyanogen Mod ROM – Best Android Custom ROMs

I hope, I don’t need to describe anything about CyanogenMod ROM for Android. As it’s one of the most popular android ROM for customization lovers. People are going crazy for this ROM. It is much popular because, it provides lots of Customization for our Android. You will get shocked after installing it on your device, by seeing its features. Nowadays, most of the new devices comes with this ROM. You can download it for free from link below.

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#2. Resurrection Remix – Best ROM for Customization

Resurrection Remix ROM for Android

Resurrection Remix is the most clean, stable and regularly updated ROM. It allows you to customize everything from Lock screen, Notification bar to Navigation buttons. It includes pitch black dark theme, which is awesome. Resurrection Remix is the ROM, specially designed for the peoples, wants to design their device interface according to their need. It is supported in various Android device which includes YU, HTC, Samsung, One plus, Sony and many other models. You can check out all at it’s official site. Below is the download link.

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#3. MiUi – Best Custom ROM For Android

miui rom for android
MiUi Rom For Android

MiUi is second most lovable custom ROM for Android. Xiaomi designed this ROm for their phones. In starting, when they launched Redmi 1S and Redmi 2, it was amazing sale of these devices, as it provides lots of features and customization services. It is much inspired by iOS, means it’s mixture of Android & iOS. People who likes most colourful things, will surely love this ROM. Below is the download link for it.

#4. AOKP – Android Custom ROMs

aokp rom android
AOKP ROM For Android

AOKP is also knows as Android Open Kang Project. Is is designed for heavy users. People love in this ROM is too many Customization features and Super fast speed. If you likes to speed up your device, it is best for you. It have Transparent notification and black settings bar and too many custom variations are available in this ROM. Here is the download link for it.

#5. Paranoid – Custom ROM For Android

Paranoid Android ROM

Is is best alternative of Cyanogen Mod. It has wide range of customization features for your Android. Well, it is AOSP based ROM, so it’s not much popular than Cyanogen & Miui, but this ROM have some unique features which other ROMs doesn’t have. It allows you to change Notification bar, Status bar and you can also change out your mobile layout into tablet. And many features are available in this ROM. You can easily download it from link below.

#6. Slim Bean – Best ROM In Simplicity

Slim Bean Android ROM

Slim bean, another best ROM with basic features. It’s best alternative of Stock ROM, as it have similar features which your Stock ROM have. This is the best ROM for simple users, who don’t likes too much customization and wants simple look on their device. In this, you can enjoy simple & classy look of your phone. You can download it from link below.

#7. Pac-Man ROM – Android Custom ROM

Pac Man Custom ROM

Pac-man is also best Android custom ROM for your phone. It combines the features of CyanogenMod, AOKP & Paranoid. It provides bug free interface with various custom features. You can set different vibrate mode for different users, set height of navigation bar, change predefined patterns of buttons and many more features are available in it. It is available for almost all Android device, you can check out Devices list in it’s official site. Download link is given below.

#8. Dirty Unicorn

Dirty Unicorn Android ROM – Best Custom ROMs For Android 2016

This is also best thing in the list of Best Android custom ROMs. You can easily customize your Android according to your need with its awesome features. It looks similar like Cyanogen MOD and have some inbuilt  tweaks and awesome battery backup.  It have some special features like Lock screen wallpaper changer, Notification bar customization & Colour customization. It also provides bar style Equalizer while playing Music. You can download it for free from link below.

#9. Xenon HD

XenonHD Android ROM – Best ROM For Android

Xenon HD is lightweight and fast ROM for Android devices. It provides layers based RRO theming, which allows you to customize your them according to your need. You can customize Notification bar, Status bar and Buttons. It is Lollipop based ROM which includes features like  built in root access, filter notifications, privacy guard and much more. But this ROM isn’t available for all Android, it only available for few models of Sony, Samsung, HTC, Nexux and Oppo. You can download it from link below.

#10. BlissPop – Simplest Custom ROM for Android

Bliss Pop ROM – Best Android Custom ROMs

Well, it is not much popular ROM like others, I mentioned in top 9, but it is famous for its unique features. It is CM12 Lollipop based ROM which have cool features. It provides Bliss interface which includes all Tweaks at one place and your setting page looks clean. There are more lots of features like Battery Bar styles, Status bar customization, Navigation rings, Live Display, Lock screen shortcuts and much more. You can also change the colours, icons, fonts, etc. You can download it from it’s official site, link given below.

Video Tutorial: How to Flash Custom ROM on Android?

If you really don’t know How to Flash Custom ROM on Android device, then here is the Video tutorial for you. Just follow the steps described in video carefully.

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Final Words

These were the Top 10 Best Android Custom ROMs for your device. All of these were much popular nowadays in which CM14 & Resurrection Remix are loved mostly by Android users. When we created poll in XDA group, we got most of the reactions for these two ROMs. That’s why I mentioned them first in my list of Best Custom ROMs for Android.

If someone like to ask me that which one is the best Custom ROM for Android from the list, I simply answer him “CM14 or Resurrection Remix. I have tried these both on my Android and feel loved after using these two. Let try out these on your mobile too and give a feedback to us through comment form given below. If you have any query or problem, feel free to comment below. I will help you for any issue related to Best Android Custom ROMs 2017.

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