How To Increase Likes On Facebook

Do you want to know How to Get Unlimited Likes on Facebook? There is a very amazing trick through which you can increase your Facebook likes easily. I hope you have already heard about Auto Liker websites. Not you? Okay, let you know these are the sites which send Likes on your Profile from different accounts. We have provided some of the best Facebook Auto Liker Sites list as well in the bottom section. You will get every Facebook Auto Tools on those websites. ūüėČ

Actually, what they do is! Whenever you use any Auto Liker website, it saves your Login details and sends Likes to other users from your account. Yes, it is not good for your account as it will get spammed. But if you don’t care about your Facebook account and just wants to increase likes on Facebook profile picture then this method is the best for you.

As I have seen, many Facebook users want to know How to Increase Facebook Likes on Profile Picture & their Status. Are you one of them? I think Yes. On the Internet, there is plenty of tricks to do such type of things. But not all of them are still working as most of the sites are not updated from months. Well, don’t worry. I will share the best and easiest way to get Unlimited Likes on Facebook Photos for free. I hope you ever heard about Auto Liker sites & apps? If No, then you will know about it in below section. On Facebook, People likes to changes their Facebook DP in a short period of time. So, I have shared some awesome DP for Boys.

How to Get Unlimited Likes on Facebook? Is this your question? Let me answer, there is no feature to do this but people developed lots of Facebook Auto Liker Websites which sends auto likes on your DP and Status from saved tokens. Many¬†Facebook user wants to increase likes on his/her Facebook status and profile pictures.¬†Mostly¬†people message their¬†friends to like their¬†Profile pictures to increase likes on it. But it’s too boring to work to get likes by messaging your friends. So we have decided to share a cool trick with our readers through which you will get unlimited auto liked on Facebook.

How to Increase Likes on Facebook?


How To Get Unlimited Likes On Facebook?

Yes! it is possible to get unlimited likes on Facebook status and profile pictures. There are so many Auto Liker websites available on the Internet which provides us free automatic likes on our Facebook status, profile pictures, and cover photos. They are too easy to use and we can get unlimited likes by them on Facebook.

All auto liker’s method is same, so we are going to sharing tutorial only on one Auto Liker website. If you want to use any other Auto liker site then you can use that one also because the method of using Auto Liker website is the same for all sites. You may also like Dare Games for Friends.

What Are Facebook Auto Liker Websites?

Auto Liker means these websites will provide you auto likes on your Facebook photos and status. How do they work? Whenever you log in to these sites through your Facebook Token access, they save your Token into their Database and provide your Likes from other people’s Tokens which are already saved in their Data. After that, they will also use your Token to send likes to other users. Some people think these are Fake likes, but they are wrong. All the likes are Real which are done from different people’s real Accounts by that auto like website. That’s it! You can easily increase your Facebook Likes using these sites.

There are lots of Facebook Auto Liker Apps too for Android and iOS devices which will do the same work as auto liker websites do. They do not follow Google Play Store terms and conditions so they aren’t available on play store. You have to search on the internet for it. Check out another trick to accept all Facebook Friends Requests at once.

Requirements to Get Unlimited Likes on Facebook

  • Facebook Account.
  • Age must be 18+ on your Facebook account.
  • All posts must be in “Public“.
  • Follower Settings must be in “Everybody“, so everyone can follow you.

Facebook has now removed HTC App. But it doesn’t means this trick is also got blocked. Now, you can follow this directly by getting token of Instagram. You will get more steps on these auto liker site.¬†Whenever you submit token and select your picture on which you want to increase likes, It will start adding auto likes on your picture, wait and watch likes on your photo after 5 minutes, Boom!! your likes are increased.

How To Get Auto Likes On Facebook Profile Picture & Status?

Here we are using Wefbee website, it is an auto liker website for Facebook by which we will get free automatic likes. You can also use any other Auto Liker website, Method of using them are the same. So follow all the steps given below carefully to increase likes on your Facebook profile picture and status.

1) First of all, go to Wefbee or any auto liker website you know about.

2) It’s time to Login using your Facebook ID, you can use Auto Liker, Auto Reaction,¬† Facebook Friend Req. Accepter and many other auto tools using this website.

3) Now, it will ask you to generate the access token, simply click on “Get Access Token“.

Facebook Auto Liker

4) Enter your Facebook account Username and Password and click on Login.

Get Auto Likes on Facebook

5) It will generate Access Token for you in the green box, simply copy that code.

6) Paste it in Blank box and click on “Submit” button.

Get Unlimited Likes on FB

7) Select Auto Liker or Auto Commenter. (Anything which you want)


8) Select Auto Likes for Status or Photo.

Facebook Autolikes Trick

9) Select your “Profile Picture” on which you want likes and click on “Submit“.

Facebook Auto Liker Trick

11) Done, It will start increasing likes on your profile picture.

How to Get Auto Likes on Facebook?

12) Check your selected image on Facebook profile. (Your likes are increased)

FB Auto Liker Trick

Voila!! That’s the trick! Isn’t it pretty easy? Yes, It is ūüėÄ I don’t think there is another alternative to increase your Facebook DP likes more faster than this. You will get more and more likes on your Facebook profile by using different auto like websites. On Google, a huge list of such type sites is available.

Let you know that Wefbee auto liker website also provides many other Facebook services. If you want to get auto followers on Facebook then you must try it once. You will be going to love it. It has so many other Facebook Auto Tools like Auto Reaction, Auto Friend Requester, Page Poster, Group Poster, and many other tools. If you are really looking for a website which provides all Facebook Tools, Wefbee is the best choice for you.

You can use more Auto liker websites, here is the list of some best sites:

  • Royal Liker (
  • Mg-Likers (
  • Dj Liker (
  • Machine Likes (

There are so many auto liker websites available on the Internet but I have shared only 4 which are used by me personally. Also, these are easy to use and you will get your desired Facebook tool on these sites. Still, if you want more websites then do a comment below and I will share more for you. Previously I have shared an awesome method to make Single name ID on Facebook.

If you want to do the same on Instagram, check out our guide to increase likes on Instagram.

Final Words

So, friends, this is the tutorial to get auto likes on Facebook. You can¬†easily get unlimited likes on Facebook profile¬†using this trick. This is the only one trick to increase your FB likes. Else get a good amount of Active Followers on your Facebook account to get real likes but that’s not an easy task.

Don’t use auto like too much else they will lock your profile because these sites save your Token and start sending spam on other profiles too! Whenever Facebook detects it, they lock or directly disable your account without no reason. So, we recommend using this trick as less as you can. I hope you understood what I want to explain. Facebook is very strict nowadays. Lots of Facebook account got disabled in the past few months because of using auto liker. So keep secure your personal account from these type of sites as they are against Facebook terms & policies.

Do you want to share more methods to increase Facebook likes? If Yes, then you can share with us in the comment section. Also if you have any doubt in this tutorial, feel free to ask it in comments. Share this trick with your friend too and let them enjoy unlimited likes on Facebook profile picture & status. You can use different auto liker website whenever one site reached its limit. Every website asks you to wait for 15 minutes after each try to open any other like site in the meantime to get maximum auto likes in minimum time. Isn’t it a good idea? I hope you will enjoy this trick to get unlimited likes on Facebook profile.

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