How To Accept All Facebook Friend Requests At Once

Auto Accept Friend Requests Facebook Javascript


Many people wants to lean how to accept all Facebook friend requests at once. Sometimes, when we aren’t using Facebook for a long time and open account after months or years. We found that, there are lots of pending friend requests. Now, how to accept all friend requests in single click on Facebook? 

It’s no possible to accept all of then one by one, as they are too much. So, most of us starts searching on Google for Auto accept friend requests facebook javascript, fb auto friend request accept, etc.. In some case, we will get best solution on Google, but sometimes we don’t. But don’t worry, in this tutorial you will learn about all Facebook friends requests accept/reject in one time.

Whenever we made new account on Facebook, we loves to make new friends on it. Some people are so crazy for making friends on Facebook, they want to make more and more friends on Facebook. But we aren’t able to make more than 5,000 friends on a single Facebook account, so they make many accounts on Facebook and make more friends in them. To make friends fast, they post viral photos, nudity pictures of girls, etc. in Facebook groups and it will lead to high quantity friend requests. They will receive mote than 100 friend requests in a minute on their ID. But it is not an easy task to accept large amount of friend requests on Facebook because it takes so much time to accept all friend requests manually one by one.

How To Accept All Facebook Friend Requests At Once

So today we are going to sharing an awesome trick to accept all friend requests in one click on FB. Yes! it is possible to accept all facebook friend requests in single click. We coded 2 cool script by which you can Accept all friend requests on facebook in a minute and by 2nd script, you can remove all friends in single click. Our both scripts are unique and best for persons who want to make so many friends on Facebook without getting afraid of accepting or removing friends. Here is a step by step guide to accept all friend requests on at once.

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Many people posted tutorials on the topic “How to accept all Facebook friend requests in one click“, so in some methods, they suggest us to use any Friend Requests Accepter tool, but all tools asks to install HTC App on your Facebook account. Some days ago, Facebook removed HTC App from its server and now you can’t able to install it anymore.

Many auto liker websites are also facing problems due to this order of Facebook. But many people founded different methods to get Token for logging in without installing HTC app on Facebook. So we also coded All Facebook Friend Requests Accepter Tool for our website TricksCity and here I am sharing full guide to use our Friend Requests accepter tool by which you can accept all pending Facebook friend requests at once, you don’t need to accept your friend requests one by one. 

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Read this full tutorial on How to use Facebook friend requests accepter tool and if you can’t understood the guide, then must watch our Video (posted in bottom of this article). You can understand full process easily after watching it.

How To Accept All Facebook Friend Requests At Once

1) First of all Login to your Facebook account in browser.

2) Then, go to our Friend Requests Accepter Tool in different window of browser.

FB auto friend request accept

3) You will see all instructions to use that All Facebook Friend Requests Accepter Tool, but if you want to understood step by step guide to use it, then follow below given steps.

4) Now, click on “Click Here to Get Token” button from tool page.

Accept all friend requests Facebook javascript

5) New tab will appear on screen, copy the URL of that new page. (That is your token).

Note: Ignore the page opened after clicking on Get Token button, just copy your Token (URL) of that page.

how to accept all friend requests in mobile

6) Paste your token script in Blank box given on our tool and click on Load Token button.

Facebook friend requests accept/reject

7) Now number of all pending friend requests appear on screen, and also there is an option to Confirm All requests, click on it.

Accept all Facebook friend requests in one time

8) It will start accepting your all pending Facebook friend requests automatically with super fast speed.

9) Voila!! Your all friend requests are accepted within a minute.

So guys, this are the steps to accept all Facebook friend requests at once. You can accept all of your Facebook friend requests in a single click by using our tool. Follow all the steps mentioned above to use that tool and accept all of your friend requests at once. If you can’t understood the steps given above, then here is the video tutorial for you. Watch this tutorial and see how this tool works and accept all Facebook friend requests within a minute. 🙂

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Final Words

So, this is How to accept all Facebook friend requests at once. You just have to follow some simple steps in our All Facebook Friend requests Accepter Tool to accept all friend request in Mobile or Computer. I hope you understood our tutorial and able to fb auto friend requests accept/request after reading this guide. If you have any quest, feel free to comment below.

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  1. hello there, how about abusive. Today FB won’t allow us to accept friends at once because of security abusive. Will this bypass security abusive ?
    You need to wait some hours, or days to accept more friends. I mean by FACEBOOK .


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