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Are you tired of counting the words of your work and in the middle of lines you forget then start counting again and this cycle keep wasting your time? Word Counter helps you to calculate the stats of your syllables, sentences, the average length of words and phrases.

If you are currently doing a job as a content writer, then this application can do wonders for you. You usually get assigned by a task that has a word limit. No matter how speedy you write, you end up wasting a lot of time in counting. As it will give you an upper hand if you will submit your work within that limit. On the other hand, if you an owner of such a brand in which you have to publish your articles then word counter can be an essential employ of your firm. It will give you word count in a few seconds, and you will be able to know that which of your employee is giving you work according to the requirements.

SmallSeoTools Word Counter

The life of a student is tough, and they usually get the homework to write essays in a limited word count. To not waste much time on this, by using this word counter you can directly save that time and can utilize it. In the same manner, there are many students in one class and teachers cannot count words in every assignment so it will be constructive for them to use this tool. 

Not only the word count but word counter can inform you about the top keywords used in the content. Having access to this application is straightforward.  You can insert as long data you want to. You can only write or copy/paste content, or there will be the option of upload the file. After doing this, your content will be uploaded, and in few seconds the number of words will be in front of you. Yes, we can use things like Microsoft Word to count, but no one has time to download the software and then make them count. Word counter will not need to be downloaded, and you can use it on any device.

SmallSeoTools Word Count Checker

This word count tool is with the advanced functions which help people to find more things about their written text. The additional features that this word counter online provides you are the length of word stats, estimation of reading and speaking time of your text, number of syllables in your text, etc.

It’s difficult for people to understand themselves that how the number of syllables is calculated from their text. The number of syllables is calculated from each word from vowel pattern present in the word. The number of syllables is never 100% accurate due to the existence of many grammar rules and nuances, but it can be pretty close to entirely accurate. If the accuracy demand is not very high, then this word counter stat is appropriate to use.

The cost of using this tool is zero. Yes, you can use it all free. To delete your old content and checking for another you can click clear button, and all of the old text will get erased in a second. This tool checks the data available in the variety of formats like .docx, .txt, and doc. But the text format is appreciated the most.

This word count tool is available on Small SEO Tools which is one of the largest providers of the SEO tools. This website provides you the safe platform and all its tools are 100% free of cost. Among other popular tools which you can use are Plagiarism Checker, Grammar Checker, Reverse Image Search, and so on.

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