How To Set Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping

WhatsApp don’t allows us to use any images rather than Square shape. Due this this many people search on Internet regarding to How to Set Whatsapp Profile Picture without cropping. Most of our images are rectangle shaped which are not possible to use on Whatsapp DP and if somebody tries to use it then it will crop your image first. What’s the problem if it resize your photo? Actually, it cut upper and side portion of your picture. So, we are going to tell you the solution for “How to Set WhatsApp DP without Crop?” Yeah! It’s possible, in fact according to me Nothing Is Impossible in this World.  😉 All you need is a simple application which is available for free on Play Store. You will read more in below section about it.

Many WhatsApp users wants to learn how to set Whatsapp profile picture without cropping. If you are looking for same to use your DP or Profile pic without cropping on your personal account then you will short out this problem by following this method. We are going to share two method in this article and both of them works fine.

It’s bad news that Whatsapp automatically crops your Picture because it needs only Square image. If your Picture is Circle, Rectangle or any other shape, it is not applicable to use exactly. Now, what’s to do to set our Whatsapp profile picture without crop? Don’t worry in this guide I will teach you How to set full size Whatsapp profile picture without cropping. I already shared so many amazing Whatsapp tricks, recently I posted how to use whatsapp account with USA country number.

Whatsapp is most popular social networking app nowadays. Now, not it’s only an app, also it launched its website like Facebook which is called as Whatsapp Web. Also now it is available for PC users. You can download and install its PC Setup on your windows computer or on MAC. Means this Social networking app is fully developed now and you are able to use it on any platform. You may also like GBWhatsapp Apk.

We use our Profile picture or DP on Whatsapp same as like Facebook. But sometimes we think that Facebook is more better than Whatsapp in this service. This is why because it only allows to use Square shaped photo so that it can be set easily on any platform. But if you will select any other shape image, it will crop your photo and set in on your account. This is the worst thing which irritates many users. So are you also facing same problem? No problem, I have a solution for you. In this article, I will show you how to set Whatsapp DP without cropping.

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These days, Whatsapp reached billions of users by launching its PC version and Website. Now you can use it on any platform, they launched app for every device. Most lovable feature of Whatsapp is that you can chat anyone simply & faster as compared to any other social chatting app, where as Facebook takes too much time to load so you must required 3G data for using it. But this application works smoothly even on 2G network too. Also you can share Photos, videos, audio, etc. on Whatsapp. Also look at our previous article how to send zip, pdf, apk, doc, exe files on Whatsapp. I hope this article is helpful for you.

Set Whatsapp DP Without Crop


How To Set Whatsapp Profile Picture without Cropping

Well, I don’t want to wait you for our tutorial. Let’s discuss about this trick to set Whatsapp profile picture without cropping. It’s not hard, you just need any app like No Crop or SquareDroid which are available for all Android phones without any cost. By using these apps, you can convert any shaped image into Square. So that it can be used easily on Whatsapp profile picture without cropping it. So let’s follow my guide in which I will show you full step by step guide to use full size Whatsapp DP without crop.

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How To Set WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping

I think first of all you wants to know about basic or minimum requirements to follow this guide. But don’t worry, you don’t need anything special for it. You just have to download a small app from Play store called No Crop and that’s it. So now I am sharing tutorial to set full size Whatsapp profile picture without cropping on android. Just read all the steps given below and apply them on your device.

1) At first, you need to download an app from Play Store called No Crop.

2) After downloading wait for a while until it installs on your device and open it with it completed installation process.

3) Click on Gallery button and choose your desired photo.

No Crop

4) It will automatically convert your any shaped image into Square shape just after selecting the picture from gallery.

Set Whatsapp DP Without Crop

5) This is how you can convert any photo into Square shape using No Crop app, but if you don’t wants to see that Blur area then you can remove it by clicking on “Square” button which is situated at the Center.

Set Whatsapp Profile Pic Without Cropping

6) Now, it’s the time to Save our image into gallery. To do this just click on top right situated Button and confirm to Save.

Set Full Size Whatsapp DP Without Crop

That’s it. Let me ask, isn’t it simplest method to set Whatsapp DP without Cropping? I think you answer is Yes. Well, I have found one more app which also do the same job. It this application is not good then you can try our second method which is just below of it.

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Set Whatsapp Full Size Profile Picture Without Cropping

Step1: First of all, you need to download an app called SquareDroid:Full Photo/No Crop on your Android phone.

App to Set Whatsapp DP Without Crop

Step2: After downloading app, wait for a while till installation process will be finished. After installing, Open app on your device.

Step3: You can see 4 options on Screen after opening app, so click on “Pick a Photo” option and select image from your gallery which you want to set on Whatsapp account without cropping.

set whatsapp profile picture without cropping
Whatsapp DP Without Crop

Step4: Now, it will automatically crop and arrange your pic into Square shape without decreasing its original size and it can’t cut any part of your pic, so don’t worry about it.

Step5: At last just click on “Save” icon present on top right of that screen and it will save your pic into gallery. Set image quality while saving your pic so that it can’t blur.

set full size whatsapp profile picture without cropping
Use Whatsapp DP without crop

Step6: Now, Open your Whatsapp app, go to Settings >> Profile Picture >> Edit and choose that saved image from gallery.

set full size whatsapp profile picture without cropping
Use full size Whatsapp profile picture without cropping

Step7: And you know what happens? Voila!!! Your Photo is successfully set without cropping on your Whatsapp account.

set full size whatsapp profile picture without cropping
Set full size Whatsapp profile picture without cropping

This is the way to set Whatsapp profile picture without cropping. You just need this small app to set WhatsApp profile picture without cropping, so I used Square Droid app which is available on Play store. I also provided download link of that app in 1st step of out method.

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Video Tutorial: How to Set WhatsApp Profile Pic Without Cropping

Here is the video tutorial for those who can’t understood our tutorial by steps given above. So if you are also one from them. Must watch the video and follow all the steps one by one on your android. You can easily set Whatsapp profile picture without cropping within few seconds by following this trick.

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Wrapping Up:

So, this is how to use Whatsapp profile pic without cropping. This is one of the best method to set full size Whatsapp profile picture without cropping it. There is no need of PC or any other device, just download one small size app called Square Droid. You can set unlimited photos as profile picture on Whatsapp or Instagram without cropping them by following this guide.

Let me ask, How was the tutorial? I hope you got the trick as I used Screenshots for every step to describe it easily. Now, you don’t have to worry about your DP Size just make it Square sized with this method and use it on your account. I have shared two apps which both can convert your any shaped image into Square so that you can set Whatsapp DP without Cropping. Share this article without friends too and let them know how to set Whatsapp Profile picture without cropping.

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