How to Remove a powerful Mobile Spy App, XNSPY!

XNSPY is a creepily discreet mobile spying app that could risk your mobile data if it gets into the wrong hands. But let’s just make it clear that XNSPY is NOT an app that you can use to secretively SPY on someone, even when the app says XN-SPY. We don’t mean to defame any company with this post, and therefore, it’s our utter responsibility to make that clear to everyone.

XNSPY is a WhatsApp spying app that is designed for ethical monitoring the smartphone activity of your kids or employees only after getting into a consensual agreement with them. But alas! There are parents, employers and people in relationships who are treading against the law by illegitimately spying on other people associated with them.

How to Remove a powerful Mobile Spy App, XNSPY!



If you are suspecting the presence of XNSPY on your cell phone, then let us just give you a brief walk through of how powerful the app is and what it can do with your cell phone data if it’s secretively installed on your phone right now.

  • It can access your call logs, text messages, emails, internet browsing history, contacts, calendar entries, etc.
  • Because it’s a WhatsApp spying app, it can spy on WhatsApp and many other famous apps like iMessage, Instagram, Facebook, Viber, Line, Skype, Tinder, and Kik.
  • XNSPY can also track your location wherever you go. In fact, its users can create geofences and keep track of you whenever you enter or leave those specific locations.
  • XNSPY users can set alerts for specific words, contacts, emails and locations and get instant alerts via email on their smartphones.
  • XNSPY users can remotely access and download multimedia stored on your cell phone.

How can XNSPY Get into Your Cell Phone?


XNSPY can’t be remotely installed on a cell phone. So unless there is someone you know who has access to your cell phone, the app can’t get into your phone. Now comes the hard part about who could be spying on you? Well, it could be your parent, your partner or a friend who has been trying to know your secrets? But if you aren’t categorical about who that person is, you can spy on your suspects and find the answer.

Disclaimer: We DON’T endorse spying on others. So make sure you are abiding by the laws of your state before doing something like that.

However, we are going to tell you how you can remove XNSPY WhatsApp spying app from your cell phone.

1. Try Factory Reset

This is the easiest way around for you to get rid of any kind of spyware installed on your cell phone. As aforementioned, XNSPY is going to reside on the storage of your phone, so factory resetting is going to wipe out everything on it, including any virus or WhatsApp spying app. If you don’t know how to reset your device, simply go to the “Settings” screen (Android or iOS) on your cell phone and search “Reset”. If you are using an iPhone and can’t see the search toolbar on the settings screen, swipe down.

2. Manually Search for the App

This could be a little or tricky as XNSPY isn’t installed on a device with its brand name. Because the app can be used for monitoring kids’ smartphone activity, it’s designed in a way to avoid kids from deleting it off their cell phone. Look for any unfamiliar app on your installed apps list and if you can ascertain that it’s not a system file, delete it!

3. Removing XNSPY on iOS

iOS 9.3.4 Jailbreak

Removing XNSPY on iOS could be a lot more difficult than it is on Android. With XNSPY on an iOS device, you can have no clue whatsoever about its presence. XNSPY comes in two different editions: Jailbreak and No Jailbreak. If someone is using the Jailbreak version, they will have to first jailbreak your device and then install the app on your iPhone using iTunes. The worst part is that with XNSPY on an iPhone, you won’t even know if your phone is jailbroken or not. To remove XNSPY from your iPhone, you have two options: You can either reset your device or upgrade it to the latest firmware. Both methods are going to restore your device to its original condition, i.e. with no Jailbreak on it.

It’s also possible that you are being spied using the iCloud version of XNSPY that doesn’t require any download or installation but only your iCloud credentials. So make sure that you haven’t shared your iCloud ID and password with someone else. But if you have, get it changed immediately which will automatically refrain XNSPY from remotely accessing your device anymore.

The Lowdown

It’s normal to worry about being spied, but there are things you can do to save yourself from anything like that to happen in the future. Have antivirus installed on your cell phone and make sure it’s not disabled. There aren’t many spy apps that can bypass a powerful antivirus. Wipe your phone clean, get an antivirus and you are good to go.

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