How To Increase Downloading Speed In Android

Are you fed up with your Slow downloading speed? Nowadays this is common issue with every Android user. Don’t worry here I will tell you How to Increase Downloading Speed in Android by which you can easily boost your Android downloading speed. Android is the best platform to download anything as we want. We use Android more than PC for downloading songs, movies, games, etc. because no one is able to sit in front of PC for long time.

Android phone makes our work more easy and fast and nowadays Android platform is going to be must popular. Every people loves to listen music, watching movies, playing games in his/her Android phone but for that first we have to download recently released music, games and movies, so we need super fast speed for it otherwise it takes so long time to complete downloading.

How To Boost Downloading Speed in Android?


How to Increase Downloading Speed In Android Phone

Every Android user wants super fast downloading speed in his/her phone. For fast internet speed we have to use Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G data connection. But sometimes in 3G/4G connections also we get very slow speed and we can’t able to enjoy our favorite movie just because of slow downloading speed. After that many people starts searching on Google about how to increase download speed in android or method to boost download speed, some people gets specified answer there but some aren’t.

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So I decided to share best ways to increase downloading speed on android. After reading this full guide to boost download speed, you are able to download anything with super fast high speed. There are so many reasons which decrease our download speed, so we must have to fix them to boost your downloading speed in Android mobile. Here I am going to sharing all the methods you should have to follow if you have willingness to increase your download speed. You just have to follow some rules and have to install some apps on your Android to get fast downloading speed on your phone.

How To Increase Downloading Speed In Android

Are you afraid with slow downloading speed in your Android? Do you want to boost download speed in Android? If yes! then this tutorial is specially written for you. Here I am sharing some of the best ways to increase downloading speed in Android. You just have to follow steps given below to boost your download speed.

#1) Use Advanced Download Manager (Best Methods To Increase Downloading Speed In Android)

Increase Download Speed using ADM in Android Phone

ADM is the best download manager for Android devices. It is same like IDM, which is used in PCs for downloading. Its best feature is that it splits Big file into different parts to download it more fast, this is why is is tone of the top best download manager for android mobile phone. I also use ADM on my Android for downloading any big file and it downloads it in few minutes for more me. It is the best way I found to increase download speed in android, so I recommend to use ADM on your Android to boost download speed. You have to do some Settings in ADM to speed up your downloading speed more fast. So below I am sharing full tutorial to increase down speed using ADM in Android.

1) First of all download ADM on your Android from:

Download ADM

2) After downloading, install and open ADM on your Android.

3) Click on Top Left Button and go to Downloading tab, then do the settings given below:

Number of Downloads 3
Number of Threads 9
Speed of download MAX
Smart download ON (Tick Mark to on it)

4) Save your settings and start Downloading your files.

Increase Downloading Speed in Android

By following this method, you will get super fast speed which you never gotten before in your Android. Enjoy!! This is the first and best method to increase download speed in android phone.

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#2) Change Your Wi-Fi Password (Speed up Download Speed In Android)

Increase Download Speed of Wifi in Android

If you use Wi-Fi for downloading in your Android phone and your neighbours also connects your Wi-Fi, then your download speed will decrease surely because as how much people connects with same Wi-Fi, its speed will also start decreasing. So if you have Wi-Fi connection on your home and wants to increase its download speed, then protect your Wi-Fi with Password. So that no one can able to access your Wi-Fi without your permission. After that your will get super fast high speed in your Android.

Do you know How to set or change Wi-Fi router password?

If no, then don’r worry I already written an article on how to change Wi-Fi router password, so you will easily done this after reading it: How to change Wi-Fi router Password

Video Tutorial: How to change Wi-Fi Router password

After following this guide on your Wi-Fi router, you will get super fast speed in your Android. Just change your Wi-Fi password and don’t share it with anyone and if someone will got your pass from friends or anywhere else, just change your password again by following same procedure.

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#3) Boost Your Signal Using Signal Booster Apps (Boost Downloading Speed Of Android)

On Play Store, you will find so many Signal Booster apps but they are not too good and also some from them are not working. You have to choose best Internet Signal Booster App in your Android to boost your downloading speed. So, here I am going to sharing one of the top best signal booster app for Android by using it, you can increase your Wifi/Internet speed easily.

WiFi | Mobile Network Speed is an android app from Veloxity inc. by which you can boost your downloading speed in Android phone. It will show you best fast signals of your area and you are able to connect with them for fast downloading speed.

How to Increase Downloading Speed in Android

Download WiFi | Internet Network Speed

By using WiFi | Internet Network Speed app, you are able to search available fast WiFi Networks and Mobile Networks from your nearby and able to connect with them in a single click. So it is also one of the best method to boost download speed in Android.

#4) Restart Your Android Phone (Downloading Speed Increase Android)

Sometimes when you can’t restarts your mobile phone for a long time, it will affects on your internet connection and your downloading speed got decreased by it. Because some modems don’t have much power to access high data and also in your Android there are so many applications available which reduce your downloading speed by running secretly in background, even you also don’t know about them. So you must have to restart your Android phone time to time so keep your downloading speed perfect.

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#5) Disconnect & Reconnect Your Data Connection (Android downloading Speed Increase)

When you can use your Data connection continuously for a long time, your download speed got decreased automatically. Actually, this happens because your modem can’t able to receive so much data continuously, that’s why you have to give interval to your connection. Just disconnect your Data connection after using 2-3 GB data continuously and reconnect it, you will get fast speed this time rather than before. I am sure, you had already experienced it in your phone.

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Final Words

So guys, there are the top 5 best ways to increase downloading speed in Android mobile phone. You can easily boost download speed in Android devices after reading this tutorial on How to increase downloading speed in Android. I hope it works for you and your are able to boost downloading speed in your Android phone. I tried these all 5 methods in my Android and found them working, that’s why I shared these methods with our readers. If you have any doubt or query in increasing download speed of Android devices, feel free to comment below. I will reply you shortly and helps you in increasing download speed in your Android. You can experiment more tricks on your phone to increase it more as we all know, “experience come from experiments”  😛 Go to our homepage and check some more interesting cool Android tricks! I am sure you will love all of them.

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