Top 4 Best Tech Affiliate Programs That Are Worth Geeking Out Over

Affiliate marketing programs represent a win-win situation. The retailer devolves any need to fork out for an advertising budget by placing the onus on third-party affiliates to sell their products. These affiliate marketers can generate considerable income by devoting all their energies into promotion, and the extent of the organization’s marketers can tap into can clearly be seen by referring to TopOffers affiliate marketing advertising.

The success of any venture will rely on choosing the right items to sell. An excellent rule of thumb is this: pretty much anything that gets geeks salivating has serious potential to be a bestseller. So here are four of the best.

Top 4 Best Tech Affiliate Programs


Top 4 Best Tech Affiliate Programs


We might as well start at the top and you can’t get much bigger retail conglomerates than Microsoft. The good news for budding entrepreneurs is there is a Microsoft affiliate program where you can refer sales for PCs, Xboxes and even digital purchases like apps and games.

In order to promote their products, Microsoft offer text links, and banners to potential affiliates. With such a diverse range of products available the commission rates vary considerably, but generally fall between 5% and 10%. There is a 14-day tracking cookie operation.


In this day and age, one of the most enthusiastically talked about leisure areas is gaming and toy technology, with new releases of top computer games generating a buzz that often surpasses the latest movies.  HobbyTron sells a range of toys, games and even drones. They claim to be one of the leading online retailers for these types of products, so they are always in high demand.

One of the advantages of their affiliate program is they offer a very good commission rate to their third-party promoters: 8%, as well as 90-day tracking cookies. They also provide all the banners and links, while an added bonus is the way they also keep their affiliates up-to-date with regular newsletters.


In business for over two decades, TigerDirect is an online retail website that specializes in computers, laptops and PC components. They also sell all the accessories that go with office equipment, such as scanners, printers, projectors and all manner of software. They primarily cater for corporate customers. If you walk into any office, pretty much any of the equipment or gadgetry that you are likely to see around you will be available for sale on the TigerDirect website. This makes them a potentially lucrative income stream that affiliate marketers can tap into.

Their affiliate program offers a 3% commission to third parties on every sale. They also provide links and online reports to streamline the affiliate operation.

Aerix Drones

One of the most rapidly expanding tech areas is drone technology. These pieces of hardware represent a fantastic opportunity for affiliates because this type of gadgetry has both commercial and practical applications. Unmanned aerial vehicles are increasing in scope all the time, with private users loving their flexibility while everyone from farmers to the military is investing heavily in the products. There is no sign of these items have peaked at all. If anything the fact they are coming down in price all the time is ensuring the only place sales will go is through the roof.

Aerix Drones offer 5% commissions and 30-day tracking cookies. As soon as you reach the threshold of $1000 worth of sales you are entitled to apply for the next tier of this affiliate program where you can then earn between 8% to 10% commission. And their program also provides banners and artwork for the marketing websites.

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