Best Screenwriting Apps for Android: Which One to Choose?

If you ask a screenwriter to single out the greatest benefit of technology, they will tell you: “I can write scripts all day long, whenever I get inspired.” That’s true.

If we think about it, screenwriters have always carried small pocket notebooks around. They always knew that you can’t schedule ideas. They come up when you’re in public transport, in restaurants, or at work, doing something completely unrelated to screenwriting.

But writing in a notebook is no longer considered convenient. Not when you have so many awesome screenplay writing apps to choose from! If you have an Android device, you’re lucky.

Best Screenwriting Apps For Android

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Top 6 Screenwriting App Options for Android Devices

  1. JotterPad

This is an app for creative writers of all genres. It’s perfect for screenplays since it lets you format the text according to your preferences. It’s a distraction-free app that gives you a clean interface for typing. You can search through phrases, change the theme, take snapshots of different versions of the text, and work on an extended keyboard.

You’ll find a built-in dictionary and a thesaurus. These features help you find the right words and idioms. The Markdown feature makes editing simple, too.

When your work is ready, the app lets you export it to .docx and .rtf, so you can edit it on your computer. The Casual version is free, but you can upgrade to more useful features if you’re ready to make a small investment.

  1. Celtx Script

This scriptwriting app is specifically designed for scripts. It lets you format them to perfection. But the best part is that it’s a collaborative app. You can work with your partners and the editor, who can give you comments as you progress through the process.

This is an app by Celtx Production Studios, so it’s designed to work with that platform. If that’s your choice for a production, you can collaborate with the Celtx team directly through the app.

  1. WriterDuet

Ed Solomon, the writer of Men in Black and many other great movies, recommends WriterDuet as “the most intuitive, most user-friendly scriptwriting software I’ve ever used.” Such a recommendation can’t leave you indifferent, can it?

Since screenwriting is often a collaborative process, the app lets you connect with your team members. Maybe you decided to choose writers for hire, or you’re getting help from an editor. Whatever the case is, you can work with your partner on the same line. The app works both online and offline. So, if you want to get off the Internet to write in a distraction-free zone, you can do that.

  1. Script Reader

All writers have to read. That’s what makes them better at what they do. You can read screenwriting books through the app you usually use for reading, but what happens with scripts? This is the perfect app for that.

It enables you to highlight dialogues and characters, customize the font and text size, read in night mode, and more.

  1. Lists for Writers

When you work on a script, your head is full of ideas. You have them about each scene, character, and story highlights. If you simply note down these ideas, you’ll create a mess. You need an app that lets you color-code and categorizes information, so you’ll keep it neat.

Lists for Writers is perfect for that.

You can create all kinds of lists, including body types, anniversaries, zodiac, personality, physical characteristics of the characters, names, phobias, beliefs, issues, conflicts… the list of potential lists is practically endless.

  1. Fade In

This is a very popular screenplay app among professionals who write for TV, video games, theatre, movies, radio, and more. It’s available as a desktop app, but you can also download an Android app. Its features are pretty straightforward. Fade In allows you to easily format the pages, quickly select location and character names, and navigate through the text without much effort.

The software costs $79.95 for all features included (it’s a one-time payment).

Best Scriptwriting Apps For Android

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What’s Your Favorite Screenwriting App?

Come on; you need one! All screenwriters are using apps since they make them faster and more productive. With the selection of Android apps we offered, you’re ready to make your choice.

Android apps are cool because you can use them at any time. They make it easy for you to note down ideas and actually work on your script while you’re on the move. It’s important to have a specific app for screenwriting since it gives you the right format.

Maybe you’re already using an app but it’s not working for you? Whatever the case is, you’ll benefit from trying the apps listed above. In case of any further help, you can comment down below. 🙂

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