Top 30 Best Online Free Movie Streaming Websites

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2016


Best Online Free Movie Streaming Sites 2016, seems good in hearing, NO? Yeah!! Off course Yes, if you are a hard die movie lover. Mostly people loves to watch movie online without downloading, as it takes too much time. So, for this purpose we much need best websites to stream movie online. Using these Online Free Movie Streaming Websites, you can watch your desired movies online anytime, anywhere without getting worry about downloading. So it isn’t a cool idea?

In this article, I am going to sharing some best free online movie streaming websites to watch movie online without downloading them for free.

best online free movie streaming sites
Best Online Free Movies Streaming Sites 2016

You seen many movies in your life and each and every movie have different category, some are Adventures movies, some are Action movies for fighting lovers, some are Comedian movies which makes you laugh while watching them, some are based on Love stories which is mostly loved by youngsters, and also they are more different types of categorized movies available on Internet.

Mostly movies have duration of at least 2.5 hour while some movies exceeds 3 hours. If movie is interesting, people loves it and watch many times within a month, whereas if movie is boring, you will surely leave it before its end. Many years ago, when movies or films are started, their cost is too high and normal people can’t afford them. That time they just watch single movie in man months with whole village in a big screen, so that they can afford it easily by managing money from all of them.

If you are hard movie lover, then surely I hope you always use Unlimited 3G plan because in 2G, you can’t able to download or watch any movie because it needs super fast net to stream or download movies. If you are downloading Full HD movie, then it needs at least 1GB of 3G pack, so mostly people use Broadband plan on their home to watch and enjoy latest movies on their Mobile or Laptop.

You have to download new movies from Google but it takes too much time to download them because they are not small sized films, so many people thinks to watch movies online. Google show you online movie streaming websites when you searched about How to watch movies online without downloading?. But mostly best online movie streaming sites are paid and you aren’t able to use them for free. It’s very frustrated in listening for Movie lovers, they once again changes their query and search for free online movie streaming website, and this time they will find some of the best sites on which you are able to watch movies online without download.

So here I am going to sharing something special for online movie watching lovers. Here, I am listing Top 30 best free online movie streaming websites to watch movies online without downloading them. So let me ask. “Is it not a big surprise for movie lovers?” Yeah!! it’s cool article for all movie lover folks, you can enjoy any of movie online for free and you don’t need to wait and download them from using these some best online movie streaming sites. Read out this full article and let know which are the best online free movie streaming sites of 2016.

Why You Need Best Online Free Movie Streaming Sites?

Every person have different reason for using online movie streaming websites. Here are some reasons due to which people thinks Online movie streaming is better than downloading and watching movies.

1) One of the best advantage of these sites is, “You don’t need to download movie for watching”.

2) You are able to watch any movie online without downloading.

3) You can also watch movie in 2G pack, but you have to stream movie first.

4) If you are out and not able to download movie instantly, these sites are too helpful.

5) When you are with friends and planned to watch movie, you can complete your wish with these sites.

So, these were some advantages of using best online free movie streaming sites. These are too useful for us, but on Google mostly sites are fake, then also appearing in Google top with the help of Black Hat SEO, When you opens that Fake sites to watch movie online, it redirect you to many different-different websites, which only show you ads and nothing. So here I am going to sharing some of the best free online movie streaming websites which are fully original and genuine, even I am also using these sites when I plans to watch movie.

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Best Online Free Movie Streaming Websites For Watching Movies 2016

#1) – Top Online Free Movie Sites

New Movies Online

New Movies Online, one of the best free online movie streaming website, where you will find an movie just by typing and searching for that movie in search box. It provides free online movie streaming services for all users. Also you can find new movies or categorized movie by selecting your category from Menu, where you will find Action, Adventures, Comedy, Biography, Crime, Drama, etc… categories which helps you a lot in finding best movie according to your wish. You can also find any movie Year wise by selecting year in which movie released.. like if you clicks on 2015, it will show you all the movies with their link which are released in year 2016. There is also a Popular section which shows you Popular movie which is trending on this website.

#2) – Best Online Free Movie Streaming Sites

My Download Tube

My Download Tube is another top online movie streaming website to watch movies online for free without downloading. My Download Tube is one of free movie websites in which you can watch movies online without downloading. Lovely feature which makes it lovable is that you don’t need to Register fot streaming any movie on My Download Tube, you can watch any movie without signing up account.

As you opens this site, it will show you all the popular movies which are trending nowadays, which makes easier for us to select trending movie. When you clicks on any Movie name on the site, it will show you full description with the streaming link of that movie. Well, it is bad news that it shows many Popup and Adult ads on Homepage, but whenever you start watching your movie, all the ads get blocked, so they can’t disturbs you in your movie, and it’s also important for website owner to show ads to earn money. You can find any movie in full HD quality here. I am also using these website from many years for watching online movies for free.

#3) – Best Online Free Movie Streaming Sites

Huge Movies DB

Another one from best online free movie streaming sites. As you read in this website’s name “Huge Movies DB“, means it saved huge Database of movies in their servers, you can find your desired movie for watching online for free on Huge Movies DB. It’s the best site to watch very old movies and latest movies, you can find movies released from 1941 to now for free. Also there is a search box from where you can filter your desired movies by Year wise or category wise. No need to download any film, just click on Play button and it stream your movie within minutes. Also if any movie link is not working, it will provide you alternate mirror link, so there is no issue of link broken. Enjoy free online movie!

#4) – New Best Online Movie Streaming Websites


Fmovies is another alternative of above sites in our best online free online movie streaming sites which provides online movie streaming services in all countries of the world for free. Anyone can watch any movie freely on Fmovies. It’s best feature due to which it’s much poplar is that, it can’t show any type of Popup ads on site so that it’s user can watch their desired movies without getting annoying from advertisements. You can find any movie by searching its name on Search box provides on website. Also, if the movie for which you are looking for isn’t provided on this site, you an request your movie from the Request Movie Link which is situated in Footer of

#5) – Best Free Websites For Watching Movies Online

House Movie

HouseMovie is also one from, best online free movie streaming sites,where you can watch your movie online for free without downloading them. I used this website many times and it’s good rated site for me. It also provides third party free movie streaming mirrors. HouseMovie is much popular because there is no option to harsh its user as it provides tons of mirror links so that of any link is not working, you can try out other alternate link from there. It have a large database which stores over 3K+ movies and 100+ serials and that all movie and serials are latest because this site is newly crated, but nowadays it’s going much popular and viral, jut because of it’s good services.



Crackle is also Top 1 from best online free movie streaming sites. It’s cool designed with users friendly, so everyone can love this site. With movies, you can also finds TV shows on Crackle.You need to register or login on for streaming movies and TV shows online for free. Just search your desired movie name in search box, provided on site and watch your movie online without downloading it for free. On homepage also it show many great movies, so if you are not planned to watch any specific movie but wants to search and watch one of the best movie, you can choose it from homepage.



Hulu is also known in  best online free movie streaming sites. You can watch movies online without downloading them on Hulu. Well, it’s not a free website, it’s Paid site but it provides Trial service and also you can use Trial again and again so you don’t need to pay this site. Hence, it’s paid site but you can use it for free by my method. Also it’s one more best service is that it can’t shows any type of Popup ads on its website, so that you can watch your movie without any disturbance. You can also able to filter movies according to your need like Kids, Showtimes, etc categories are available for filter.


Watch Movies Online

Watch-Movies-Online is another best site to watch movies online for free. As you can listen in its name Watch Movies Online, means you don’t need to download movies for watching them and through this site, you can watch movies online. When you visit this site just once, you will get its addicted, its homepage is beautifully designed with different-different types of movie categories like Cinema Movies, New Movies, A-Z Movies, etc. Also you can search any specif movie by entering its name into search box provided on website. In one click, you will get full description with link of movie. This site can’t shows you popup ads, so there is no issue of getting disturbed while watching your movies. One another best feature of this site is that, it provides 6+ mirrors  for free movie streaming which are categorized on the basis of user rating.


Wolow Tube

We listed WolowTube in top 10 list of best sites to watch free movie online, so you can imagine how much cool this site is? 🙂 Yeah! its an awesome site to watch online free movie without downloading. As you opens this site, you will see recent movies tab in Titles designing. On the top, there is a search option from where you can search any movie with its name and able to watch it. You can also watch TV shows online for free on WolowTube. It will search any movie for you same like Google searches our query super fast.


Popcorn Flix

Popcornflix is also listed in top 10 list of best sites to watch free movies online, as it have largest database of movies. It have a simple interface and the movies are arranged according to genres for users ease of use. It show you some ads in website but they are not Popup ads which irritates you. You can enjoy your movies without getting disturbed from popup ads while watching movie. Well, it shows you some sponsored ads between movie streaming but they can’t irritate much. Enjoy your movie online without downloading!

Tube Plus is also from one of the best website to stream movies online. It opens with super fast speed and fill site will load fast, so there is no problem like slow loading and you don’t have to wait to open your movies. One good feature of Tubeplus is that there is no popup ads on site so you can’t get disturbed while watching your movies. From search bar, you can type and search for any movie which you want to watch online. Whenever you searches for any movie, it will show you link to watch it. Also one another feature of Tubeplus is that, you also able to download movies from here. If your links are not works, there is more alternate links provides, so you can use them for watching or downloading your movies.


Snag Films

Another best free online movie streaming site in out list is Snag Films. When you opens this site, you get list of trending movies on their homepage. It have huge large database which covers more than 1K movies. All the movies are arranged according to genre on site. Also if you want to use this website permanently or you don’t want open this site again and again for watching movies, you can try out their Free Android and iOS apps for your mobile, by which you can watch or stream your movies without opening browser.

On many blogs, Snag Films is listed in top 10 sites to stream movies online for free, this is why, I am also listed it in my list. Whenever you finished watching your movie, you can also Rate or Grade the movie if you liked it, by this other peoples who are new on site and want to watch movie, they will thinks best movie by checking its Rate/Grade.


Just Moviez

One another best website to stream movies online for free is Just Moviez. You are able to watch and enjoy movies online without paying money. No need to download and wait for watching your movies. There are different type of movie genres available on site lke Action, Crime, Adventure, Drama, Documentry, etc. Also you are able t watch TV series on Just Moviez. It haves tons of streaming mirror links of each and every movie, so there is no issur of link broken or else. There is navigation bar from where you can find and watch Latest movies in a single click.

#14) Youtube


As you all knows about YouTube, its one of the most popular Video Sharing platform for all over the world. Anyone is able to make channel and upload their videos here. All Youtube users can watch your videos and you will get paid for that. Not only videos, infact many people also uploads full Movies on Youtube and you are able to watch it for free. Normally people uploads small size videos, songs, trailers. etc. on Youtube, because long videos takes too much time in uploading but now many people started uploading Movies on YouTube to earn money, or by any other reason. So you can search and watch your desired movie on Youtube without paying any amount. And there is no change of fake movies, etc on Youtube because it is popular website and can’t allows users to upload anything scam or fake videos.


VK Flix

VKFlix is another best free movie streaming website which have a huge database filled with many movies. It’s the best site to watch Hollywood movies online without downloading for free of cost. There are so many mirrors available on VKFlix in HD quality. Also, here you can also watch TV series for free.


As you listen in its name, it’s the Planet of movies on which you can find huge list of movie and also able to watch them online for free. It is an awesome site to stream Movies and TV shows online without downloading them. Whenever you searches for any movie and clicks on it, it will show you all information and data of that movie it full HD streaming link of movie. Also there is option to add movies in your favorite list. There is only single link provided for every movie, but these link an be updated in short time so there is no issue regarding to link broken. And if any broken link is not updated and you find that link on site, you can also able to report for that link and they will replace it with new one shortly.


Free Streaming Movies is another one of the best online free movie streaming site. It is the best website to stream movies online without downloading them. So if you are looking for site to watch movies online without downloading, it’s best option for you. If you are looking for old movies which are released in recently gone years. There is an option to find movies on the basis of Year. Well, it’s bad news that there is no movies provided of 2016, means it’s the site to watch old movies which are released in last few years.


Another top best website to watch movies online without downloading is Vumoo. Vumoo have a large huge database which stores tons of movies. You can find all HD quality movies and TV shows for free on Vumoo. Also there is a search bar in which you have to enter movie name and it will show results of your query in seconds. Just click on your desired movie and it will show you all the information of the movie with its streaming link.


Veoh is good rated website to watch or stream movies online for free. You don’t have to pay any amount on Veoh for streaming your movies. On Veoh you are able to watch Movies, Songs and TV shows without any cost. On homepage, it will show you all popular videos of a week. You can search your movies from Search tab provided on site.


One of the best site for watching online free movies it Its cool designed website which is loved by every user. On homepage, it will show you popular movies which are trending on this site. Tons of genres provided by this site like Action. Comedy, Adventure, Thriller, Animation etc.


Streaming Movies is another best site for watching movies online for free. It is much popular because on this site you are able to watch movies in different languages like English, Italian, etc. Different categories of movies are available on like Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, etc. Well, site will show Popup ads to its users but they can’t disturbs you while you are watching movie. It updates new movies in short time.


This site’s name is describing that what about this site is. It is the stream for watching movies online for free. It have cool awesome designed homepage where you can find popular movies tab and all categories are mentioned in top like Action, Adventure, Animation. Comedy, Biography, etc. You can stream full high quality HD movies on Watch Movies Stream site.


Huluwood is newly created free online movie streaming website on which you can watch online movies for free. On its home page various categories are listed on top menu like 3D, Action, Crime, Adventure, Romance, Mystry, Sport, Music, Musicial, Western, etc. If you want to search movie Year wise, you can easily done this from Archives.


I hope, I don’t have to describe anything about this website because its all service is describes automatically in its name “Free Movies Online”. You can watch online movies for free on this website. It have a large database of movies. Also you can search for any specific movie from Search bar listed on top of the website.


Top Movies Online is also one from our list of top best online free movie streaming sites. It covered all latest Top movies in its large database. On its homepage, you can see various genres like Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Drama, etc.


Viewster is also best site to watch movies online without downloading. It covers latest Anime series, New movies and all trending things on its homepage, so you can easily choose best movies for watching just by visiting its homepage. It provides different languages movies like English, French, German and Spanish. Also there are various genres available of movies like Anime, Action Horror, Comedy, Kids, Martial Arts, etc.


I Movie Tube is another site to watch free online movies. You can watch unlimited free movies without downloading on site. Also you can choose movie according to genre like Action, Adventure, Biography, Drama, Family, etc.


BeeTV is also good site to watch free movies online. Whenever you opens this site, it will show you all recently uploaded sites, so you can easily choose best movie from the list.  Search for any movie hust by entering movie name in Search bar. Also you can watch Live TV shows on BeeTv as its name is TV.

#29) is second last best movie in our list of best online free movie streaming sites. It is also easy to choose best movie on this site because it allows users to Rate the movie after watching. Mean you can easily select trending movie just by checking its rate.


Watch Online Movies is also best free online movie streaming website. It’s also good site which allows you to watch free movies online without any cost. You can watch latest trending movies and TV shows in this website.

Final Words

So guys, in this article I am provided best online free movie streaming sites. You can watch online movies without downloading for free on these 30 sites. No one site is fake or bad quality in these huge list. I also written description of each and every site, so that yo can easily understand about services these sites provide. I hope you liked my article. Don’t forget to share list of best free online movie streaming sites with your friends. I will present it in my article with your name credit. If you have any doubt or query, feel free to comment below.

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