Top 5 Best Apps for Rooted Android

Android lovers, 😉 we are going to tell you top 5 Best Apps for Rooted Android through this article. It is a fact that mobile devices are less flexible when it comes to customization and advanced tweaking as compared to PC. Most of them come with a pre-installed OS, replacing which is typically not an option. Besides, the manufacturers choose which launchers to include, which shortcuts to implement, and many other aspects at the hardware-software interface like battery or memory management, killing background apps, etc. While regular apps provide diverse and specific functionality, they are typically heavily restricted when it comes to deeper-level interaction with the hardware even with all permissions granted.

What is Rooting?


Rooting is a procedure that allows any smartphone or tablet users to break free from manufacturer or OS-imposed limitations and to get access to advanced customization and productivity features on their devices. In other words, rooting means gaining admin-level control of the device or “superuser permissions.” There is a great variety of apps for android 2020 that benefit from rooting – while some of them only work on rooted devices, others simply provide additional functionality when rooting is present.

Best Apps for Rooted Android
Best Apps for Rooted Android

Apps that require rooting typically help with original and custom firmware installation, complex backups, automation, button remapping, advanced monitoring and control of the operating system and background processes, in-detail customization of themes and other features related to the visual appearance or behaviour of the device. Below is only a short selection of rooted Android 2020 apps that continue to prove highly relevant for the community, despite current rapidly evolving needs. Apps from five different categories have been chosen to illustrate the spectrum of functionality covered.

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Top 5 Best Apps for Rooted Android

#1. TWRP

An open-source app for flashing, installing third-party ROMs on mobile devices. It allows to quickly find and download the TWRP image appropriate for your phone but also to make backups, to update recoveries, etc.

#2. Titanium Backup

One of the best-established backup tools allowing to completely remove or disable bloatware pre-installed by the manufacturer, to backup apps, settings, files which is a mandatory step before any ROM flashing, and consequently, to recover data from these backups.

#3. WakeLock Detector

It is extremely helpful in diagnosing aberrant WakeLock events that might cause battery drain or other abnormal behaviours. Identifying the problematic app is often 90% of the solution.

#4. Tasker

One of the most renowned tools for automating various processes or events on your Android 2020 mobile device. Although complicated to master, the possibilities of this tool are limited only by one’s imagination. For instance, one can create a task that switches off the Wi-Fi or sends an SMS when the user leaves a certain location, that resumes playback when the headphones are plugged in, that opens apps in a sequence, that turns off mobile data when the battery is low, or that disables auto-rotation during night time.

#5. Greenify

There are many apps on the market that claim to boost performance and save battery juice by killing background apps. In truth, the killed apps are often launched again, only to be killed again – ironically, the entire process often drains more battery life than usual. Greenify is one of those rare apps that can “hibernate” background processes and services efficiently, which leads to significantly improved power management.

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Best Rooted Android Apps for Education

Rooting might benefit college students as well. Check out this article from 2013, which explains why educational tablets like Nabi 2 or Amplify could hugely benefit from rooting even if the latter voids warranty. Additionally, specialized apps requiring rooting could aid students in specific disciplines, for instance, when developing apps for Android or iOS, when working with audio on smartphones. Most writing apps – these rarely need to access system-level functions to perform what they are designed for. Considering all these, the major benefits of rooting for students are going to be the same as for most other users – the ability to customize the device extensively in order to better serve the student’s goals including education.

best rooted apps for android

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As stated earlier, what was presented above is a very brief selection of apps for rooted Android 2020 that only gives an overview of the key areas in which rooted apps are most useful and most common. For more examples, feel free to check this list assembled by Android Authority but also look for similar info from XDA Developers. You can expect to find among these examples theme engines that help to easily change themes for a fresh appearance, kernel managers that help interact directly with your device’s hardware, apps that help to remove adds, app transfer tools, file explorers and managers, apps for permission management, etc. If you have any query regarding best rooted apps for Android, feel free to comment below. 🙂

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