How To Activate Bot Comments On Facebook Account

How to Activate Bot Comment on Facebook account?, this question will appear in your mind whenever your see sme stylish auto comments on your or any friends post on Facebook, and one wish will appear by your creative heart that you should also activate bot comment on your profile. Am I right? If Yes, them let me tell you the best way to send auto comments on your friends posts automatically. Facebook Bot Comments are much popular nowadays. They attract your friends too!! But many of us don’t knows How to use them or activate on our profile?. But, don’t worry, in this article, I am describing step-by-step guide to activate Facebook Comment BOT on any account.

Many Facebook users wants to know how to activate Bot comments on Facebook account. As its a cool trick to send Stylish & Beautiful comments to your friends posts. Yes!! Facebook Bot Comments is a method which directly post a comment from your account, whenever any of your friend post new photo or status. So, now are you excited to activate Facebook bot comment on your account also? Don’t worry, here I will share full step by step guide to run bot comment on any Facebook account.

As you all knows that Facebook is the biggest social network all over the world. On Facebook basically there are two types of people can be seen. One is who use Facebook for its use or business and to chat with friends. Where on another hand, there are peoples on Facebook who use Facebook just for likes & comments. They use Auto Liker and many Bots for likes & comments on their Facebook id.

How To Activate Bot Comments On Facebook?

So in this post today we are going to describing all about Facebook Comments Bot. We will also share trick to activate Facebook bot comments on your account. This is the best & easiest method to get linked with many peoples on FB using bot comments. So let’s start. Here is a image of Facebook bot comment.

Facebook Bot Comments

In this picture you can see that he got too many Stylish comments on his post. Is is not fake picture, its 100% genuine picture. But she got these comments from Facebook bot. I just want to explain that anybody can get fake comments easily on Facebook using these bots.

So your first question is that:-

What Are Bot Comments?


These are the fake comments which are commented directly on our friends post by our id without typing anything. It is a Bot which works automatically after activating it on our Facebook account. It automatically send comments on every new post of our friends.
Here are the some example pictures of Facebook BOT comments :-
facebook bot comments
Activate Stylish Bot Comments on Facebook


facebook bot comments
Activate Beautiful Bot Comments on any Facebook Account


Activate Bot Comments on Facebook

How To Activate Bot Comments On Facebook ?

There are hundreds of bot websites on Google but they are scam websites because they save our Facebook passwords in their database, So these sites are not long lasting in Google, it will de-index these type of sites automatically. But don’t worry we founded working bot site on Google and it is working so you can use it.

1) First of all go to website ““, this site offers Bot Likes & Comments and too many oher services.

2) After opening website on your browser, scroll down bit and you will see box to Login with Facebook. Enter your Facebook ID Email and Password and click on “Login with facebook” button.

Activate BOT Comments on Facebook

3) It will show you another Box just right to the above box, here click on DATA DATA button to get your access token.

Activate Facebook Bot Comment

4) New window will appear on screen with Access token, just copy that whole code from there.

Bot Comment Access Token

5) At last, paste your Token in the box and click on Login, Now you can select any type of Bot services from this website.

Facebook Bot Comment

It will show you services like Bot Likes,, Bot Comments, etc. So, select Bot Comment and activate it on your profile. Now, whenever any of your Facebook friend upload or post any status, this Bot will automatically comment below that post immediately. So this is how you can activate Bot on your ID.

Let me ask “What if you want to stop that BOT again?” Some people get afraid after sometime and they think to stop it. Don’t worry, It’s also an easy task. Let me describe:

How To Stop Bot Comments On Your Facebook Account ?

In above section, I described How to activate Facebook Bot comments on your account. But if you want to stop these Bot and wish to get your old fresh account back, you can done it easily from the steps I am going to explain in this section. Here is how to stop Bot comments on your Facebook ID:

  • Login to your Facebook profile.
  • Go to Settings.
  • In left sidebar, you will see option of “Apps” in the list. Click on it to see your all installed apps.
Facebook Apps
  • It will show you all the apps installed on your Facebook account, now find HTC Sense app in it and simply remove it.
HTC Sense App Facebook

Note: You also have to Remove “Nokia Account” app from there if you activated Bot using Nokia app.

  • Done, now Bot will not work on your account because you uninstalled HTC sense app which permits all comments to be posted automatically.
  • Enjoy.

I hope you understood both methods. Activating and Deactivating BOT comments on Facebook account is very easy and simple work. Well, deactivating is more easiest. So if you get bored with it and want to stop it just follow this guide. I won’t work anymore after removing HTC app and Nokia app.

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Final Words

So friends this is the post about How to activate bot comments on Facebook. You can easily activate bot comments on your any Facebook account by this trick. Just you have to follow all the steps carefully. Enjoy bot comments.

Your Account will send auto comments on every status, posted by your friends. No need to comment on specific profile after activating this Bot. I have mentioned all the steps to activate BOT comments on Facebook account. It will work on all FB ID, so you can easily use it. I hope you got the tutorial. If you have any doubt or query, feel free to comment below.

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